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Dress Code


To Wear

Thanks for checking in on proper attire for your celebrations, happy hours, or nights out at 4935. We are not all stuffy or formal and pride ourselves on being your local hotspot to kick back, unwind and have a great time!

With that being said, 4935 is THE place to see and be seen! Patrons should dress in trendy or fashionable attire. We understand that dressing fashionably is open to interpretation, so to help, we’ve listed a few what NOT to wear basics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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The following dress code will be enforced at all times:

  • NO Sweats, Athletic Wear, or Sports Jerseys
  • NO Headgear
  • NO Construction Shoes/Boots
  • NO Baggy Clothing
  • NO Offensive Messages/See-Through Materials
  • NO Sleeveless T-Shirts
  • NO Chains
  • NO Hooded Jackets/Sweatshirts
  • NO Camouflage
  • NO Plain White Tees
  • NO Sunglasses at night

Management reserves the right to deny admission for rude, argumentative, or offensive behavior.

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